Jan 15


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Oct 13

Freedom Planet: An Exhaustively Over-Analyzed Preview from the Perspective of an Old-School Sonic Veteran

In the past, I have detailed my immense disappointment with Sonic the Hedgehog. I memorized Sonic 3 and Knuckles down to a science as a kid and the game still holds up when I play it today, yet over the past two decades, everything fun and clever about the series has been slowly stripped out to the point where it seems that no one at Sega remembers how to make a worthwhile Sonic game anymore and/or can’t be bothered to research how to do it. Not even Sonic Colors and Sonic Generations were the amazing games I had waited all my life for, and though Sonic Lost World looks like it’ll finally give me the clever, inventive platformer I’ve been expecting, it may be prudent to note that it’s being co-developed by Nintendo, which simultaneously means that it’s all but guaranteed to be awesome and that it technically won’t count as Sonic and Sega’s long overdue return to form. Maybe it could have been, but, among other things, the news and concerns surrounding the recent purchase of Atlus seem to reinforce that the Sega of today is still more of a low quality imitation of the Sega from the 16-bit era.

What’s a fan to do? Well, just when all the rom hacks at Sonic Retro were starting to feel boring, a new game bearing the blue hedgehog’s spirit appeared. That game is Freedom Planet.

Oct 03

The Cast of Tales from the Creature Keeper

The characters in Tales from the Creature Keeper are diverse in origin. Some of them were drawings scribbled out by my brother, who is presently calling himself “Robotnik Is Sexy”. Some were stuffed toys that we used to play with. Some of them were toys that we made ourselves out of wire, clay, cardboard, Legos, …

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Mar 20

In Your Footsteps

Not long ago I finished season 2 of a French cartoon called “Wakfu”.  I originally discovered it when looking for artwork of characters I might be able to model with pipecleaners, and I sought to learn more about it because I studied French in high school and still retain interest in the country and culture …

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Feb 01

Slow Down Sonic, You Move Too Fast. You’ve Got To Make The Morning Last.

Firehawke got me the Steam version of Sonic Generations as a Christmas present, which I appreciated, though I didn’t have any faith or confidence going into it. You can only fool a fan so many times after all, and the 8 GB download just screamed “this is gonna suck”. HOW many mediocre games has it …

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Jul 13

Nothing Out of the Ordinary – Vs. Same Character

So I’ve mentioned a couple times that my mind has a flair for the dramatic, and how that seems to be one of the main sources of my literary prowess. It’s also what makes livestreaming a lot of fun for me whenever I can be bothered to do it. But where does this flare inside …

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Mar 19

My Finest Moment

You know, if more people followed this blog, it would be an incentive to produce regular content for it.  Since I’m not that famous yet though, the lack of responsibility has been allowing me to rediscover my sense of mellowness in the midst of difficult months.  So if you are one of my two loyal …

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Jan 21

Memes As Writing Exercises

When I was on Videoland MUSH, I used to love doing character memes on the game’s live journal.  Memes such as “What kind of motor oil would your characters be”, “What victory poses would they have if they were fighting game characters”, and so on.  I really enjoyed them so I think I’ve like to …

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Sep 25

Our World of Worlds

I guess it’s just human nature to be afraid of what we don’t understand.  It’s a reoccurring theme throughout the history of media.  Some forms of media, like Rock N’ Roll, have seemed specifically designed to bait the paranoid censors even though they’re mostly harmless when you get to know them, while others ,like video …

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Sep 15

Going Somewhere

Life with my family is occasionally weighty, as it is with any normal family.  Honestly, I have it good, REAL good, but part of the reason I’m trying to make regular posts like these is for the purposes of discipline, to help me further myself regardless of my situation.  Our current life is hardly desperate, …

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Sep 13

Fanciful Online Worlds

At long last, I have finished writing the new grid for Multiverse Crisis MUSH, that being an online game I’ve been a part of for a while.  It’s like an online RPG, but text-based, and people fill out applications for characters they want, then roleplay with their characters on the MUSH’s grid, i.e. network of …

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Sep 10

Names For A Small Pet Dog

Thing. Monster. Dogbark. Roadblock. Seedface. Smelly. Teddy Bear Face. Woofer. Beastie. Love Sponge. Coyote Bait. Oh bite me, these are all affectionate names.  I live with two terriers: a cairn and a westie, and though I love their company, I’m well aware of their colorful faults too.  They’re like little kids who will never grow …

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Sep 09

Actually Air Man is Easy to Beat

My comrade Firehawke has a passion for racing in Mega Man 2, a game that I am quite competent at… so long as I am allowed to go at my own pace.  Once I have to race someone else through the game, my skill drops to about this level: I dunno what school of gaming …

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Sep 06

Life is a musical

Music is a big part of my life, believe it or not. It keeps me going when I work, and the right song will charge me with energy when I’m getting sleepy. Heck, I’ve even pieced together soundtracks for the books I’m working on. Yet I cannot name a single modern vocalist that I enjoy. …

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Aug 28

Who came up with the word “blog” anyway?

I mean, it’s so weird.  “Weblog” I understand, but it’s already short enough.  Does it really need to be shortened further?  A “blog” sounds like an enemy from the Commander Keen series. In which case, I may come to enjoy this activity. Anyway, this is looking to become a place to publicly share my writing …

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