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Memes, writing exercises, surveys and questionnaires of varying degrees of stupidity. May also reference online text-based writing and gaming, like MUSHes I've been on.

Jul 13

Nothing Out of the Ordinary – Vs. Same Character

So I’ve mentioned a couple times that my mind has a flair for the dramatic, and how that seems to be one of the main sources of my literary prowess. It’s also what makes livestreaming a lot of fun for me whenever I can be bothered to do it. But where does this flare inside …

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Jan 21

Memes As Writing Exercises

When I was on Videoland MUSH, I used to love doing character memes on the game’s live journal.  Memes such as “What kind of motor oil would your characters be”, “What victory poses would they have if they were fighting game characters”, and so on.  I really enjoyed them so I think I’ve like to …

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Sep 13

Fanciful Online Worlds

At long last, I have finished writing the new grid for Multiverse Crisis MUSH, that being an online game I’ve been a part of for a while.  It’s like an online RPG, but text-based, and people fill out applications for characters they want, then roleplay with their characters on the MUSH’s grid, i.e. network of …

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Sep 10

Names For A Small Pet Dog

Thing. Monster. Dogbark. Roadblock. Seedface. Smelly. Teddy Bear Face. Woofer. Beastie. Love Sponge. Coyote Bait. Oh bite me, these are all affectionate names.  I live with two terriers: a cairn and a westie, and though I love their company, I’m well aware of their colorful faults too.  They’re like little kids who will never grow …

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