Mar 19

My Finest Moment

You know, if more people followed this blog, it would be an incentive to produce regular content for it.  Since I’m not that famous yet though, the lack of responsibility has been allowing me to rediscover my sense of mellowness in the midst of difficult months.  So if you are one of my two loyal fans, I thank you for your patience and promise to get serious about updates again in May.  For now, I’m just trying to kick back with Minecraft, Pokemon Black/White, and other favorite games.  I guess I can look at myself and say I deserve it.

But there’s something even finer that I’ve done recently other than failing to maintain a blog.  I participated in a nonstop stream hosted by the Sanctuary Crew in order to benefit the recovery of Japan.  Every member streamed and has been live streaming games to raise money for the recovery of the home of Nintendo and anime, and you can help out too by viewing the streams at our main web page!  Just click the “Sanctuary Crew Gaming” link at the top of the blog, then go to Channel #1 on the Streams tab.

Anyway, for my turn in the marathon, I played Sonic 3 and Knuckles, which is arguably the game I am best at.  I used to play it all the time when I was little and got it memorized down to a science.  Nowadays I’m a little rustier due to not being able to devote my every waking hour to practice, but the majority of the skill has stuck.  I gotta tell you though, that game has an attitude.  Every once in a while it gets sick of me whooping it so hard and sics a glitch on me.  I’ll get stuck in a loop, or end up going so fast that Sonic somehow bashes his big blue/yellow/rainbow-colored head against a ramp or wall and promptly dies in the high velocity crash.

That’s my best explanation for why this happened to me:



…wait… so my finest moment involves getting trolled by a non-sentient program?

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